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Building Trust in Healthcare – Rashida Conway

Rashida Conway, a beacon of leadership as Director of Infection Prevention, shares her remarkable journey through a transformative interview. Within the intricate landscape of healthcare, Rashida found herself as the sole guardian of infection prevention for an entire hospital—a daunting responsibility magnified during a moment of personal illness that rendered her unable to attend work. Amidst this vulnerability, Rashida’s director stepped in, showcasing the essence of teamwork and support. Rashida’s bold initiative during the pandemic—providing her personal cell phone number to the entire hospital—reflects her commitment to ensuring continuous support for her team, despite the challenges and the naivety she initially felt in taking on such a responsibility.

Her account reveals the initial struggle and the subsequent establishment of boundaries that led to a team’s collective success. Rashida highlights the crucial connection between staff belief in initiatives and processes and the foundation of trust in leadership. Her openness, coupled with necessary boundaries, formed the cornerstone of a successful journey through uncharted territory.

Rashida Conway’s narrative embodies the resilience and adaptability essential in healthcare leadership. Her experiences resonate as a testament to the transformative power of trust, openness, and the willingness to navigate uncharted paths for the collective betterment of a healthcare system.

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