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Expanding Horizons in Healthcare Quality – Martin Levesque

Martin Levesque, the System Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Henry Ford Health System, unfolds a captivating narrative of professional growth and adaptation in a compelling interview. Martin’s journey commenced as a dedicated manager in infection prevention, fostering robust relationships with administrators and cultivating expertise within his domain. When an unforeseen opportunity arose to step into the role of Quality Director, Martin initially hesitated, perceiving a gap in his knowledge. However, propelled by encouragement and faith from peers, he embraced this challenge, viewing it as a stroke of fortune and an avenue for personal growth.

Transitioning into the role of Quality Director, Martin embarked on a quest for continuous learning, delving into the realms of human factors engineering. This exploration, initially perceived as divergent from infection prevention, unraveled an eye-opening revelation. Martin realized the intrinsic relationship between human factors and infection prevention—a realization that emphasized the pivotal role of streamlining processes to foster the right practices effortlessly. His analogy of organizing central line and Foley insertion kits underscored the significance of simplifying protocols to facilitate correct procedures, aligning with the essence of infection prevention through a human factors lens.

Martin Levesque’s transformational journey epitomizes the synergy between diverse disciplines within healthcare. His evolution from infection prevention to the broader realm of quality management illuminates the interconnectedness of various facets within the healthcare landscape. Martin’s integration of human factors into infection prevention highlights the criticality of intuitive design and process optimization in ensuring patient safety—a paradigm shift that he championed as he ventured into the role of Quality Director.

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