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Working with Different Patient Populations in Infection Prevention – Brenna Doran

In a continuation of her conversation with Jacob Hutcherson, the Founder and CEO of Clutch Recruitment, Brenna Doran, the System Director, Hospital Epidemiology/ Infection Prevention for UCSF Health, delved deeper into her experience across various healthcare settings. This journey, marked by a quest for specialization, took her through pediatric, acute care, and cancer care environments, each with its unique set of challenges and learning avenues.

Brenna highlighted the different risk profiles and infection prevention strategies required for diverse patient populations. Her narrative underscored a significant point – the broader one’s experience across different healthcare settings, the more nuanced understanding one gains in infection prevention. This breadth of experience has endowed Brenna with a ‘beautiful lens’ to approach infection prevention from a well-rounded, risk-based perspective.

Her journey reflects a continual learning process, fueled by the desire to dig deeper into the intricacies of infection prevention. Each setting, be it grappling with a measles outbreak or ensuring infection control in cancer care, has enriched her expertise, ultimately leading her to UCSF where a confluence of all these experiences enables her to excel in her role.

This narrative shared with Jacob Hutcherson illustrates the evolving landscape of infection prevention, emphasizing the value of diverse experiences in honing one’s expertise in this crucial domain.

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