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What About Infection Prevention First Piqued Your Interest? – Brenna Doran

In her conversation with Jacob Hutcherson, the Founder and CEO of Clutch Recruitment, Brenna Doran, PhD, MA, ACC, CIC, the System Director, Hospital Epidemiology/ Infection Prevention for UCSF Health, elaborated on her transition from a clinical microbiologist to an infection preventionist. The genesis of this transition was her curiosity about patient outcomes, especially during the H1N1 influenza outbreak in 2009 which made her ponder on a broader healthcare spectrum.

The pivotal moment occurred in 2010 with the arrival of a new infection preventionist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, who, unlike the standard nursing background of IPs, held a Bachelor’s degree in biology similar to Brenna. This interaction shattered Brenna’s earlier notion and opened a new avenue for her to envision a career in infection prevention.

Driven by this newfound perspective, Brenna pursued a doctorate in public health epidemiology while volunteering in the infection prevention department at her hospital. Here, she developed a hand hygiene program, contributed to policy amendments, and honed her skills in surveillance among other practical experiences.

This narrative underscores the value of mentorship, curiosity, and the pivotal encounters that can significantly reroute one’s career trajectory. The discussion with Jacob Hutcherson not only sheds light on Brenna’s individual journey but also accentuates the diverse educational backgrounds from which infection preventionists may emerge.

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