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Upcoming Infection Prevention Projects: Michigan’s Futuristic Moves in Healthcare

The final government spending bill for 2024, as highlighted by The Detroit News, allocated funds for a variety of projects across Michigan. Among the broad spectrum of initiatives, a specific budget of $756,000 was earmarked in favor of the MHA Keystone Center. This substantial amount is to be utilized for supporting the creation and execution of technical training programs aimed towards nursing home staff specifically for infection prevention.

The Michigan Health & Hospital Association’s (MHA) Keystone Center has been entrusted with this responsibility, says John Karasinski, MHA’s spokesperson. The training program will not be generalized, but will focus on combating newly discovered pathogens, with a special emphasis on Candida auris. This yeast has become quite problematic recently for being highly resistant to standard antifungal treatments and spreading rapidly within healthcare facilities.

The goal is more than just effective training. By applying evidence-based best practices in their daily routines, healthcare workers within hospitals and nursing homes can dramatically reduce the risk of infections. This, in turn, facilitates the improvement of patient outcomes, unnecessary hospitalizations can be curbed and post-acute care bed availability can be improved. These advancements collectively contribute to an efficient healthcare workflow.


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