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Unlocking Opportunities in Infection Prevention – Marko Predic

In a recent interview, Marko Predic shared invaluable advice for aspiring professionals seeking to venture into the realm of Infection Prevention (IP). Predic passionately advocates for breaking into existing IP departments without hesitation, emphasizing the importance of expressing a desire to learn and collaborate with seasoned professionals. Despite the common notion of not immediately entering IP roles, Predic assures that it’s feasible with strategic positioning.

Predic advises leveraging resources like starting in health departments, which he considers a fantastic launchpad for budding careers. He stresses the significance of positioning oneself strategically, participating in extracurricular activities, and joining local chapters of associations like APIC, even during a master’s program. Predic highlights the openness of these organizations to embrace and educate aspiring professionals, urging individuals to connect, partner, and start learning.

Acknowledging the evolving landscape, Predic emphasizes the abundance of new resources available, such as certification programs like CSE and associate degrees, enabling individuals to augment their competitiveness in the field.

Moreover, Predic dispels the misconception that most professionals start their careers in infection prevention, noting that many discover this field later on and make a transition. Early awareness and interest in infection prevention can serve as a significant advantage, providing a head start for those considering this career path.

Predic’s insights offer a roadmap for aspiring professionals, underscoring the importance of seizing opportunities, learning continuously, and proactively positioning oneself to thrive in the field of infection prevention. His advice serves as a beacon of encouragement for those aspiring to embark on this enriching and impactful career journey.

For more insights from leaders in the field, stay tuned to Voice for Infection Prevention.

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