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Transitioning From a Microbiologist to a Infection Preventionist – Kate Maguire

Kate Maguire, the Director of Infection Prevention at Marshfield Clinic Health System, reminisces about her transformative journey into the realm of Infection Prevention in a conversation with Jacob Hutcherson, the CEO and Founder of Clutch Recruitment. Kate’s narrative begins with her profound interest in microbiology, colloquially referred to as “Bugs on the Bench.” Despite her prowess in the domain, Kate yearned for a deeper connection with people, a quest that led her to an unexpected crossroad during her PhD program.

The pivotal moment arrived when her Principal Investigator transferred to the University of Michigan, which harbored a strong Infection Prevention program. Despite her initial hesitations, a friend’s encouragement led Kate to enroll in the program’s inaugural internship, making her the youngest participant in the first-ever CHIP class at the University. Engaging with the Michigan Infection Prevention Team, Kate experienced a seamless fusion of her love for microbiology with her desire to work with people.

Kate’s narrative, shared with Jacob Hutcherson, encapsulates the serendipity and determination that propelled her into a fulfilling career in Infection Prevention. Her story also emphasizes the importance of mentorship, networking, and seizing opportunities, however unconventional they may appear. Through this dialogue, Kate and Jacob unveil the multifaceted pathways into Infection Prevention, spotlighting the boundless potential awaiting those driven by a genuine passion to meld scientific inquiry with human interaction for a greater cause.

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