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Transforming Infection Prevention: bioMérieux’s Strategic Acquisition of LUMED Enhances Clinical Decision-making

bioMérieux, a global leader in the field of in-vitro diagnostic tools, recently announced its acquisition of LUMED, a company specializing in innovative software development for healthcare. This move increases bioMérieux’s stakes in LUMED from 16% to a substantial 100%, marking an investment of approximately 9 million euros to acquire 84% of capital.

The two enterprises have maintained successful collaborations since 2017, and their joined might stands to revolutionize healthcare by optimizing antimicrobial prescriptions and monitoring healthcare-associated infections.

One of the most significant challenges health facilities encounter is the correct deployment of available data to ensure safe and effectual patient care, along with the control of pharmaceutical costs. Here is where LUMED’s advanced software solutions prove vital. By providing healthcare professionals rich, diversified, and essential information, it helps them to fine-tune their Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs (ASP) and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) programs, thereby improving Infection Control.

Patient, diagnostic, and other crucial health-related data, when analyzed via intellectual software, play an instrumental role in guiding health professionals towards making informed decisions resulting in maximum patient benefits. LUMED’s solution complements bioMérieux’s comprehensive software suite, ‘BIOMÉRIEUX VISION SUITE’, excellently.

This new acquisition aligns with bioMérieux’s goal to extend the range of diagnostic tests beyond the laboratory’s boundaries. Jennifer Zinn, Executive Vice President, Clinical Operations of bioMérieux, noted their focus on providing solutions for antimicrobial stewardship teams to enhance their daily workflow.

Unifying forces with bioMérieux aligns with LUMED’s pledge to progress antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention. According to Vincent Nault, Chief Executive Officer of LUMED, their cutting-edge modules, such as APSS and ZINC, in conjunction with bioMérieux’s global expertise in diagnostics will establish a strong synergy. They believe their combined expertise will significantly enhance patient care, fight antimicrobial resistance, and contribute to the evolution of healthcare practices.

By capturing LUMED’s advanced software capabilities, bioMérieux demonstrates a continual commitment to growing its Data Analytics portfolio, with a particular interest in antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention and control. bioMérieux eagerly awaits the incorporation of the LUMED team and plans to exploit its global commercial network to share the benefits of LUMED software with as many patients as possible.


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