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Transforming Infection Control: Newman Regional Health Implements Real-time MDRO Alert System

Based in Emporia, Kansas, Newman Regional Health has emerged at the forefront of innovation by implementing a first-of-its-kind real-time notification system that enhances the detection and containment of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO). Named as RapidAlerts system, this remarkable initiative paves a novel path for infection prevention professionals within the United States. This breakthrough system aims to staunch the proliferation of MDROs, thereby protecting the health of existing and incoming patients. The initiative is brought to fruition through a collaborative effort between Newman Regional Health, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the Konza National Network, a prominent data management firm. The primary functionality of the RapidAlerts system revolves around providing instantaneous alerts to medical practitioners across the state about patients transferring in with potential MDRO diagnoses.

The system’s benefit transcends mere notification; it concurrently enables immediate deployment of isolation and transmission-based protocols. The integration of these features enhances the responsiveness of the healthcare system, helping to limit the spread of infectious diseases and protecting stakeholders. The pilot project is anticipated to bring a renewed sense of improvement in public health outcomes. As per Dr. Kellie Wark, the Antimicrobial Stewardship Lead at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, rapid identification of pathogens is crucial in enhancing patient outcomes. The RapidAlert system, by allowing quicker isolation and identification of patients with MDROs, may aid in reducing the prevalence of these hard-to-manage infections. This, in turn, contributes to augmenting public health in general.

The RapidAlert system empowers immediate safety measures to be executed by the receiving hospital upon the detection of potential infection. This rapid containment procedure prevents further contagion, paving the way for ideal treatment and safeguarding the incoming patient’s health. The introduction of the RapidAlert system in Newman Regional Health has dramatically bolstered its capacity to handle infections within a crucial timeframe and to avert MDRO’s dissemination among patients and staff within the organization. By spearheading the adoption of the RapidAlerts system, Newman Regional Health has taken a prominent stride forward in infection prevention and control. With a promise to rapidly identify and isolate patients demonstrating MDRO diagnoses, this real-time alert system could be a game-changer for managing infectious diseases in hospital settings. While the RapidAlert system is currently in its pilot phase, the prospect of its wider adoption may revolutionize patient outcomes and public health protection across national healthcare systems.


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