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The Booming Infection Prevention Market: Key Drivers and Upcoming Trends

In an intriguing development for the healthcare community, Future Market Insights (FMI) has generated a comprehensive report detailing the distinct elements propelling the surge in the infection prevention market. According to FMI, the combination of rising numbers of surgical procedures, an increase in eco-friendly solutions based on environmental sustainability, as well as an elevated awareness of hygiene and health, are amongst the primary accelerators increasing market growth. It is estimated that the global market for infection prevention will exceed an outstanding US$ 40,845.2 million in 2024. Moreover, further predictions suggest growth at 3.1% between 2024 and 2034, implying a total market valuation of roughly US$ 55,379.1 million by 2034.

The rapid expansion of the infection prevention and control market on an international scale is greatly attributed to the surge in outsourcing efforts, improvements in healthcare standards, infrastructural advancements, as well as a significant increase in healthcare spending. Globally, a rise in surgical operations, as a result of factors such as the increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases and obesity, has further accentuated the necessity for infection prevention kits.

Another factor opening up lucrative growth opportunities in the industry is the growing public consciousness of the necessity for environmental sustainability. Manufacturers are adapting by implementing environmentally friendly and recyclable infection control items into their product line. This includes biodegradable gloves, eco-friendly packaging, as well as sustainable production methods that reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint. The popularity of these eco-friendly and biodegradable infection control solutions has further stimulated market expansion.

A point of inevitable importance is the escalating global demand for addressing the underlying causes of sickness and mitigating the risk of disease transmission. This is manifested in the increasing requests for consumables, disinfectants, and sterilizing equipment in the healthcare sector – indicating increased potential for revenue growth. As consumers become more cognizant of their health and hygiene, the demand for infection-prevention products rises. This trend, coupled with the aging population’s growing desire for better healthcare, promises more sales potential in the future.

According to Sabyasachi Ghosh, Associate Vice President at Future Market Insights, Inc., the primary factor driving the market is a growing demand for efficient cleaning and increasing awareness of the necessity to sanitize our environment. Additionally, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly positioned the infection prevention market for significant expansion.

Recent innovations on the market have been instrumental in propelling the growth of the sector. For instance, a Washington State University research team developed a disruptive 3D-printed surgical device that eradicates 87% of staph-inducing bacteria in lab tests. Additionally, Protection Paints introduced Vira-Protect, an efficient paint blend that aids infection management using silver ions combined with water-based paint-compatible polyurethane.

In summary, the infection prevention market is expanding at a rapid pace due to numerous factors converging, including rising surgical procedures, the environmental sustainability movement, and the development of biodegradable solutions, coupled with increasing health and hygiene awareness.


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