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Bolstering Infection Prevention and Control Measures: Growth and Trends in the Global Market

The global market for infection prevention and control (IPC) is witnessing a robust increase, driven by various contributing factors. The uptick in chronic diseases, an escalation in surgical procedures demanding stringent infection prevention guidelines, the proliferation of hospital-acquired infections, and amplified government initiatives advocating for elevated infection prevention standards are some of these factors. Additionally,…

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Safeguarding Operating Room Environments: Minimizing Traffic to Reduce Surgical Site Infections

Surgical procedures are well-known for their lifesaving potential in treating diseases and conditions, but they come with their share of challenges, primary amongst them being Surgical Site Infections (SSIs). SSIs harbor an assortment of complications, leading to extended hospital stays, escalated healthcare expenses, a rise in morbidity, and in more severe cases, mortality. With healthcare…

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Tackling the Surge: Addressing Hospital-Acquired Infections Amid Rising Surgical Procedures

As the global healthcare community converges to ensure optimum patient care, there's a concerning rise in hospital-acquired infections, particularly intensified by the increasing number of surgical procedures. As per recent data presented by SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd., the hospital-acquired infections market is on track to achieve a staggering value of USD 33.77 billion by…

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