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Reducing Sepsis Mortality: The Role of Antimicrobial Stewardship Teams and Efficient Practices in Hirosaki University Hospital, Japan

An intensive retrospective study conducted in Hirosaki University Hospital, Japan, aimed to identify key practices related to patient survival with sepsis. The study explored factors associated with 30-day mortality in sepsis patients, with a particular focus on antimicrobial use, in order to provide guidance for antimicrobial stewardship teams (AST). The study analyzed a decade’s data (2010…

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Towards Better Antibiotic Stewardship: Safely Delabeling Penicillin Allergies

The assertion of penicillin allergy among patients is a global challenge capable of resulting in detrimental health consequences and significant mortalities. Particularly, patients who avoid penicillin due to self-reported allergic reactions raise substantial concerns, as these individuals are more susceptible to negative outcomes, escalated medical costs, increased toxicity, higher propensity to multidrug-resistant infections, and Clostridioides…

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