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Sustainable Cleaning in the Healthcare Sector: Emphasizing eco-friendly disinfectants and EPA certifications

The trend towards sustainable living and environment-friendly choices has led to a shift towards the use of eco-friendly cleaning products even in the healthcare sector. This article, based on insights gathered from industry expert sessions and real-world research, highlights key specifics of eco-friendly disinfection methods.

An engaging discussion with Kirsten Hochberg, PhD, senior clinical and scientific affairs specialist for CloroxPro, provides a detailed perspective on eco-conscious cleaners and disinfectants. Hochberg, who recently presented at the ISSA North America 2023 Show in Las Vegas, brings attention to significant features and certifications that align eco-friendly cleaning products with sustainability goals.

When queried about the prime characteristics purchasers should consider while opting for eco-friendly cleaning products, Hochberg emphasised the importance of looking for the EPA Safer Choice certification for cleaning products and the EPA Designed for the Environment certification for disinfectants. One of the primary requirements of these certifications is that the performance of eco-friendly products should parallel their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, only certain ingredients which have undergone thorough research and show sustainability benefits are approved for use by the Safer Choice standard.

As an example, Hochberg noted that the Eco-clean disinfecting cleaner from Clorox, which is based on lactic acid (an EPA-approved ingredient), kills viruses within 30 seconds and completes disinfection within two minutes, underscoring its high efficacy.

In addition, Hochberg introduced an upcoming thought leader session at ISSA which delved deeper into the intersection of sustainability and the cleaning industry. Topics covered ranged from the impact of eco-conscious choices on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for buildings to an exploration of the science behind green alternatives.

Through a commitment to sustainability, research, and education, healthcare professionals can have a positive impact on the environment by making eco-conscious choices when it comes to cleaning and disinfection.


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