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Revolutionizing Infection Prevention: The Economic and Health Impact of Whole Genome Sequencing

A groundbreaking study conducted by Genpax, an innovative bioinformatics company, recently published in Microbial Genomics shows that the utilization of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in controlling bacterial healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) could lead to tremendous economic and health benefits in England and the United States.

Health systems across the globe find HAIs impose considerable financial overheads. The NHS in England and the health system in the US, for instance, spend over £3bn and $18bn, respectively, each year to tackle these infections. WGS, though brimming with potential to revolutionize HAI control practices, has not yet seen widespread use.

Genpax has devised a comprehensive economic and health impact model to scrutinize the possible implications of a widespread incorporation of a WGS-guided intervention strategy in the UK and US. The model evaluates WGS’s potential in curbing outbreaks, protecting at-risk patient populations, drastically cutting down HAI transmission rates, and easing the burden of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in healthcare environments.

AMR, which refers to microbes’ adaptation to resist antimicrobials intended for infection treatment, is a crucial global health issue. AMR was linked to almost 5 million deaths worldwide in 2019, according to CDC records. Genpax’s model suggests that, with the right strategy, 74,000 infections, corresponding to around 700,000 bed days, could be averted, saving approximately £480 million for the NHS in England each year and generating a yield of £7.83 on every pound spent on WGS diagnostic.

The same model, applied to the US, anticipates a net saving of approximately $3.2 billion with an even higher yield of $18.74 on every dollar spent.

The promising results communicated by this economic model offer profound insights for healthcare policy advisors, healthcare leaders, and diagnostic service providers by highlighting the immense advantages attached to the wide-ranging application of WGS technology.

Those eager to delve deeper into the study can access it through the following link:


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