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Revamping Medical Education: A Focus on Hand Hygiene and Biomedical Waste Management

Medical education specifically in regards to hand hygiene (HH) and biomedical waste management (BMWM), which are crucial in infection prevention, needed a closer examination and evaluation.

Emerging findings suggested that medical students showcase subpar performance in these two areas, thus emphasizing the urgent need for targeted interventions. To address this lapse, a quasi-experimental study was conducted at the Faculty of Medicine of Monastir, Tunisia, involving fifth-year medical students from September 2021 to May 2022.

The study relied on comparing two training methods: conventional training involving presentations and teacher-guided simulations, and a student-focussed model reliant on student-run courses and simulated exercises. The WHO HH Knowledge Questionnaire and a “BMWM audit”, as validated by The Nosocomial Infection Control Committee in France, were used for assessments. 203 medical students participated, equally divided into control and experimental groups.

The results showed a notable improvement in both HH and BMWM knowledge and practices across both methods with the student-centered approach yielding slightly higher results than conventional training.

HH practices were further enhanced, specifically in a pandemic-stricken world where these preventative measures could mean the difference between controlling or exacerbating a healthcare crisis. The student-centered approach, which involved active student participation, appeared to increase not only theoretical understanding but also practical abilities.

This suggests an underlying potential for such methods of teaching in medical education, especially in context to infection prevention. This study underscores the importance and efficacy of dynamic training models in enhancing medical students’ knowledge and practices in prevention measures.


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