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Recommendations for non-RNs to Break into Infection Prevention – Brenna Doran

In an interview hosted by Jacob Hutcherson, the Founder and CEO of Clutch Recruitment, a leading Infection Prevention recruiting firm in the country, Brenna Doran, PhD, MA, ACC, CIC, the System Director, Hospital Epidemiology/ Infection Prevention for UCSF Health, shared a heartwarming story of determination and networking that paved the way for an aspiring infection preventionist (IP). Her recounting of Hannah Batty’s relentless effort to break into the field of infection prevention demonstrates a commendable spirit of tenacity and the significance of networking in professional development.

Hannah’s proactive approach, reaching out to over 100 individuals on LinkedIn, coupled with her burning passion for infection prevention, eventually led her to Brenna, a seasoned IP. The story underscores the instrumental role Brenna played, recognizing Hannah’s potential and providing her with an opportunity to volunteer at City of Hope. The narrative unfolds into a fortuitous series of events with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, where Hannah’s capability shined through, earning her a paid internship, and eventually, a full-fledged IP role.

The beautiful tale illustrates a roadmap for aspiring infection preventionists: the importance of being proactive, networking extensively, and demonstrating unyielding passion for the field. It also reflects the essential role of established professionals like Brenna in nurturing and opening doors for newcomers, showcasing a cycle of support and mentorship that enriches the profession. Through her story, Brenna epitomizes the impact that one connection can make in setting a promising career in motion, accentuating the broader message of tenacity, networking, and mentorship in the realm of infection prevention.

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