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Presenting as a Non-RN in Infection Prevention – Catherine Kroll

In an insightful exchange for Voice for Infection Prevention, Catherine Kroll MPH, CIC, the System Director for Infection Prevention at PeaceHealth, shared with host Jacob Hutcherson, the founder and CEO of Clutch Recruitment, her unique approach to contributing to the realm of Infection Prevention through her epidemiological lens. Her narrative underscores the convergence of diverse expertise in driving safe and effective patient care practices.

Catherine candidly shared the common misconception she encountered, where individuals often assumed her to be a nurse. While correcting this assumption, she voiced her identity as an epidemiologist, emphasizing the different yet significant value she brought to the table. Unlike a nurse, her strengths lay in researching, understanding, and interpreting the literature on best practices, thus aiding in informed decision-making within the Infection Prevention spectrum.

Her narrative spotlighted the essence of clarity in role delineation and the collaborative spirit needed in the multidisciplinary landscape of Infection Prevention. It’s not about substituting one expertise for another but about leveraging varied knowledge bases to foster a culture of safety and quality in patient care.

Catherine’s open acknowledgment of her expertise and limitations, coupled with a willingness to collaborate, showcases a commendable model of interdisciplinary cooperation. Her approach invites a broader dialogue on appreciating the spectrum of skills and knowledge each professional brings into the healthcare setting.

The dialogue between Catherine and Hutcherson illuminates the importance of recognizing and valuing diverse professional backgrounds in Infection Prevention. Catherine’s experience exemplifies how a collaborative approach, anchored on mutual respect and a shared goal of enhancing patient safety, can significantly enrich the Infection Prevention endeavor. Her story offers a compelling perspective on the synergy between epidemiology and clinical practice, inspiring a culture of collective expertise and shared learning in the challenging yet rewarding field of Infection Prevention.

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