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Personal Career Progression in Infection Prevention – Martin Levesque

In a reflective conversation for Voice for Infection Prevention, Martin Levesque MBA, MPH, CIC, FAPIC, the System Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Henry Ford Health System, shared a captivating narrative of his career progression with host Jacob Hutcherson, the founder and CEO of Clutch Recruitment. The tale sheds light on the importance of understanding one’s readiness for leadership, the value of mentorship, and the nurturing of professional relationships in the realm of Infection Prevention.

Levesque recounted a pivotal moment early in his career, where an opportunity for a directorial position emerged following his boss’s retirement. Despite being the only team member with the requisite master’s degree, Levesque’s discernment led him to step aside in favor of a more seasoned colleague with a nursing background. This decision, as Levesque shared, not only fortified a lasting friendship but also set him on a path of continuous learning and growth.

This instance epitomizes a maturity that transcends the allure of a title, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to both personal and collective excellence within the Infection Prevention domain. Levesque’s narrative further emphasized the enduring value of mentorship and peer learning, elements that significantly contributed to his professional development.

His journey didn’t halt there; a subsequent managerial role at a different health system paved the way for Levesque to delve into administrative responsibilities while continuing his practice as an Infection Preventionist. This ‘working manager’ position, as he termed it, provided a balanced platform to hone administrative skills while staying rooted in Infection Prevention practices.

Levesque’s recount is a vivid testament to the serendipitous nature of career progression, where decisions anchored on wisdom, readiness, and the spirit of collegiality often lead to fulfilling professional trajectories. His dialogue with Hutcherson echoes a resonant message to aspiring leaders in Infection Prevention: that the path to leadership is often intertwined with humility, continuous learning, and a nurturing of meaningful professional relationships.

Moreover, Levesque’s experience underlines a crucial aspect of career growth—every step, regardless of its magnitude, is a stepping stone towards broader horizons. The conversation illuminates the nuanced journey of transitioning into leadership within Infection Prevention, offering a blend of insights and lived experiences that aspiring professionals in the field can glean wisdom from as they navigate their own career paths.

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