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OpGen Announces Major Feature Upgrade for AREScloud Platform to Enhance Genomic Surveillance

OpGen, a precision medicine company specializing in molecular diagnostics and informatics to combat infectious diseases, has announced a major feature upgrade for its subsidiary Ares Genetics’ AREScloud platform. The upgrade aims to enhance genomic surveillance in healthcare settings by utilizing prospective whole genome sequencing (WGS) of pathogen isolates to identify hospital-associated infections (HAIs) in real-time and enable preventive measures to limit outbreaks. The new AREScloud features include antimicrobial resistance profiling and genomic antibiotic sensitivity testing, providing relevant reporting for hospital epidemiologists and infection preventionists. OpGen is currently working with a large U.S. hospital network, offering systematic sequencing and analysis of pathogen isolates on a weekly basis through their ARESiss service and AREScloud analysis. AREScloud is also available as part of the ARESiss send-out service for sequencing service customers. Theo deVos, Ares Genetics Managing Director, expressed the company’s dedication to improving patient care and promoting the benefits of genomic surveillance globally.


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