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Nanotechnology Innovations in Infection Control: A Closer Look at FendX Technologies’ Breakthroughs

As we navigate an era continuously threatened by the spread of infectious diseases and accelerated by factors such as climate change and global travel, proactive measures against contagions are essential. Particularly in the United States where cold and flu seasons overlap with the ongoing rise in COVID-19 cases, innovative weapons in the fight against such diseases are crucial. In this context, in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, let’s explore the latest infection control developments from FendX Technologies, Inc. FendX is an esteemed innovator in the field, focusing significantly on the development of nanotechnology surface protection coatings.

We had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of FendX, Carolyn Myers, Ph.D., MBA, BS, who shed light on their latest products – REPELWRAP film, a novel spray formulation, and the possibility of a catheter coating. In their progress update on January 24, 2024, FendX announced an exciting phase in partnership with Dunmore International Corp., where they strive to scale up REPELWRAP film’s manufacturing process. The film, which can easily adhere to various surfaces – from bed rails to doorknobs – is designed to repel pathogens, playing a potentially vital role in breaking the chain of infection. Its scalable and optimized production process only adds to its usability. A recent collaboration also saw the licensing of a spray formulation that possesses similar repellent properties, with the added advantage of eliminating residual microbes on surfaces.

The spray, though currently in early development, shows promise in conveniently covering a wider range of surfaces. FendX stands out by teaming up with nanocomposites, aiming to scale up the production of this promising spray. Despite the challenges related to the scale-up of a spray, the team is optimistic about overcoming these to serve demand. The potential applications of this spray extend beyond general healthcare environments and into industries requiring corrosion resistance. Furthermore, FendX has embarked on a groundbreaking venture in partnership with McMaster University, working to develop a catheter coating using their nanotechnology.

This initiative could dramatically reduce the issues related to long-term catheter use, such as blood clots and infections. Preliminary research indicates that coatings using FendX’s nanotechnology significantly reduce biofilm formation and blood adhesion, opening the doors to limitless possibilities. FendX’s mission isn’t to replace cleaning – an irreplaceable aspect of maintaining hygiene – but to complement current practices, boosting the overall effectiveness of infection control measures.


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