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Maryland Hospitals Recognized Globally for Excellence in Infection Prevention and Patient Satisfaction

In a recent report published by Newsweek, several Maryland hospitals have been distinguished as some of the finest healthcare establishments worldwide. Notably, the Bloomberg Pavilion of Johns Hopkins Hospital achieved recognition on this esteemed listing. To generate this ranking, Newsweek collaborated with Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data. This involved leveraging a comprehensive online survey which garnered responses from over 85,000 medical professionals. The evaluation also incorporated public data acquired from patient surveys conducted post-hospitalization.

The scoring framework employed for this analysis considered a range of crucial healthcare and quality indicators. This included elements such as hospital hygiene standards, the patient-doctor ratio, and the utilization of Patient Reported Outcome Measures. These are standardized questionnaires completed by patients, providing a comprehensive assessment of their outcomes and overall hospital experience.

The 2024 iteration of this report featured over 2,400 hospitals sprawling across 30 countries. This series, which commenced in 2019, has expanded over the years to feature hospitals in new territories including Chile and Malaysia, a significant portion of Western Europe and Scandinavia, 10 Asian countries, Australia and numerous countries across the Americas.

Among the notable Maryland medical institutions included in the list are Saint Joseph Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Hospital. These establishments were specially recognized for their outstanding performance in Infection Prevention – a critical area relevant to this audience – and Patient Satisfaction, underlining their commitment to providing superior healthcare experiences. For more detailed coverage and access to the complete methodology, be sure to review the full report provided by Newsweek.


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