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Is Requiring a RN Valid for a Infection Prevention Position? – Kate Maguire

In a reflective discussion with Jacob Hutcherson, the CEO and Founder of Clutch Recruitment, Kate Maguire, Director of Infection Prevention at Marshfield Clinic Health System, challenges the conventional norms of hiring within the realm of Infection Prevention. Drawing from her experiences in rural Wisconsin, Kate stresses on the potential of diverse talent irrespective of their academic backgrounds, emphasizing the essence of passion, teamwork, and relational skills which she believes are indispensable yet unteachable traits.

By sharing her success in coaching individuals from varied backgrounds to Certified in Infection Control (CIC) status, Kate underscores the capacity for learning and growth within the infection prevention domain. Her perspective invites a re-evaluation of hiring practices, encouraging a broader outlook towards recognizing and nurturing passionate individuals who are keen to learn and contribute, irrespective of their initial credentials.

This conversation serves as a catalyst for broader discussions around talent acquisition and development in Infection Prevention, promoting an inclusive and growth-oriented approach that potentially enriches the field with a myriad of perspectives and skills. Through this dialogue with Jacob Hutcherson, Kate Maguire propels a narrative of inclusivity and continuous learning, fostering a conducive environment for tackling the evolving challenges in Infection Prevention.

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