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Internship Experience in Infection Prevention – Marko Predic

In a recent discussion hosted by Jacob Hutcherson, CEO and Founder of Clutch Recruitment, the leading recruiting firm in Infection Prevention, Marko Predic, the Division AVP of Infection Prevention at HCA Capital Division, reflected on his early days stepping into the realm of infection prevention. His recount vividly encapsulates the sheer dedication and fervor that aspiring professionals bring to the table, aspiring to make meaningful contributions to patient safety and healthcare quality.

Predic shared his proactive approach during his academic journey, where he tirelessly invested additional hours outside his formal education to grasp the intricacies of infection prevention practice. Amidst a rigorous academic schedule, Predic was doing “two to three hours a day most days a week” at a healthcare facility, shadowing the infection prevention team. His routine was not just a cursory engagement; he aimed to make it “feel as full time as possible,” to truly understand the daily grind and responsibilities entailed in the profession.

His narrative sheds light on an essential trait for emerging professionals: the willingness to go the extra mile. By arriving early at 7 a.m., before his classes commenced at nine, and returning for more in the afternoons when possible, Predic was not just accumulating hours but was immersing himself in the practical world of infection prevention. This hands-on experience, coupled with a relentless quest for learning, provided him with a “leg up” when it came to transitioning into the professional realm.

Predic’s story is a resonant reminder that the pathway to becoming a skilled infection preventionist often demands a level of commitment and curiosity that transcends the conventional classroom setting. His method of engaging extensively with the on-ground team, asking questions, and being present during the early hours embodies a proactive learning culture.

This level of engagement is not just about personal or professional growth; it’s about fostering a culture of continual learning and readiness to tackle the ever-evolving challenges in infection prevention. Marko Predic’s recount is not merely an inspiring personal narrative; it serves as a blueprint for aspiring infection preventionists on how tenacity, coupled with a ceaseless quest for knowledge, can pave the way for a promising and impactful career in infection prevention.

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