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Interclean’s Healthcare Cleaning Forum: Where Infection Prevention Meets Cutting-Edge Cleaning Innovations

On the 16th of May, the Interclean’s Healthcare Cleaning Forum (HCF), the home of Sanitary Maintenance, Contracting Profits, and Facility Cleaning Decisions magazines, is ready to welcome all cleaning aficionados in the healthcare sector. This widely-anticipated event holds a prominent spot in the cleaning industry’s professional calendar. Its mission is to bring together a diverse array of personnel, including cleaning professionals, healthcare experts, hospital managers, infection prevention specialists, facility managers and industry trendsetters from around the globe.

Running in tandem with Interclean Amsterdam, the number one trade fair for those in the cleaning and hygiene profession, this forum also provides attendees with a deep dive into the latest trends, threats and advances in maintaining environmental hygiene and effective sterilization techniques in healthcare settings. The program not only focuses on challenges faced globally but also outlines innovative solutions to combat healthcare-associated infections.

The detailed agenda of this event includes a multitude of breakout sessions and keynote speeches presented by luminaries from the healthcare cleaning field. Speakers such as Prof. Didier Pittet and Alexandra Peters (University of Geneva Hospitals, Switzerland), Martin Kiernan (Richard Wells Research Centre, UK), Edmée Bowles (Radboudumc, the Netherlands), Clare Nash (Black Country Alliance, UK), and Brett Mitchell (Avondale University, Australia) are set to provide illuminating insights into the complexities of healthcare cleaning.
Breakout sessions in the afternoon are geared towards exploring the intersections between healthcare hygiene and modern technology.

Key topics include the utilization of Artificial Intelligence, implementation of digital platforms, automated room disinfection protocols, and knowledge exchanges on best practices in the field. To immerse yourself in this confluence of healthcare hygiene and technology, register for the event.


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