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Insights into Infection Prevention Leadership – Chris Zirges

Chris Zirges, the System Director of Infection Prevention at SSM Health, shares a compelling journey of academic pursuit intertwining with the landscape of infection prevention in a captivating interview hosted by Jacob Hutcherson of Clutch Recruitment. Reflecting on her academic voyage, Chris reveals her scholarly inclination embedded within her professional trajectory. Having completed her doctorate amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, she emphasizes the confluence of circumstances and commitment that fueled her academic achievements during lockdown.

Chris’s academic journey commenced earlier with a Master’s program in nursing, where she honed her skills and contributed a thesis reflecting her deep-seated dedication to scholarly endeavors. Transitioning to her Doctor of Management Practice (DMP) journey in 2019, Chris embarked on a thesis focused on Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI), aligning her passion with her infection prevention expertise. This synergy between her academic pursuits and professional background provided a unique platform to amalgamate theory and practice, fortifying her leadership acumen within the realm of infection prevention.

The transformative impact of her doctoral pursuit resonates deeply with Chris, underscoring its profound influence on her approach to evidence-based practices. Chris highlights how the doctorate empowered her to challenge prevalent paradigms, scrutinize myths, and delve deeper into evidence-based principles, fostering a mindset of critical inquiry within the sphere of infection prevention.

Chris Zirges’ journey epitomizes the harmonious convergence of scholarship and practice, demonstrating how academic pursuit can augment leadership within specialized domains like infection prevention. Her story serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative potential embedded within scholarly endeavors, reshaping perspectives and practices within the healthcare landscape.

For more insights from leaders in the field, stay tuned to Voice for Infection Prevention.

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