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Innovative Use of PathTrac Data Enables Hospitals to Proactively Address Surgical Site Infections

Surfacide, a premier player in UV-C disinfection technology, has proudly partnered with PathTrac, a unique clinical decision support software. This exclusive partnership enables hospitals to optimize their infection prevention strategies within operating rooms. PathTrac, developed by RDB Bioinformatics, empowers medical teams to manage protocol lapses leading to surgical site infections (SSIs). This is achieved by leveraging the cardinal infection control methods—hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, vascular care, and patient decolonization.

The software maps, reports, and provides visibility of the specific pathways connected with the breakdown in operating room protocols that result in SSIs. It proffers its users with over 25 peer-reviewed studies as a foundation for implementing targeted interventions aimed at optimizing operating room protocols.

According to Gunner Lyslo, Surfacide’s Founder and CEO, the introduction of PathTrac into operating room hygiene protocol optimization is indeed crucial for patient safety. He stresses that the technology is poised to make a considerable impact towards minimizing health-associated infections (HAIs) and SSIs, which currently incur a financial drain of more than $6.5 billion per annum to the healthcare industry.

The partnership between Surfacide and RDB Bioinformatics was officially announced during the recent OR Manager Conference that took place in Nashville, Tennessee.

Surfacide, founded in 2004, is widely recognized for its Helios® System—a patented, triple-emitter ‘robotic’ UV-C light technology designed to significantly reduce bioburden and microorganisms. To date, Surfacide has been deployed in over 1000 leading hospitals and healthcare facilities globally.

RDB Bioinformatics champions the mitigation of HAIs, increasing bacterial resistance, and enhancing antibiotic stewardship within the healthcare sector. Their adoption of PathTrac is part of a larger effort to meet Centers for Disease Control’s goals and protect patient safety, both presently and in the future, by preventing high-risk operating room bacterial transmission and infection development.


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