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Innovation in Infection Prevention: Surfacide’s UV-C Disinfection Technology Donated to St. Bernard Hospital

Today, UV technology and infection solutions company, Surfacide, is proud to announce an in-kind donation of the Helios® Disinfection system to St. Bernard Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. The Helios® system, an industry leader in UV-C powered disinfection technology, consists of three light-emitting robots that utilize chemical-free UV-C energy to considerably diminish the number of microorganisms on hard surfaces. Given its impressive efficiency in combating colonized microorganisms, the advanced technology, worth $100,000, will substantially enhance the infection prevention protocol at St. Bernard’s.

The hospital will now join leading institutions in Illinois, including Northwestern University Hospital and University of Chicago Medicine, that utilize Surfacide’s Helios® System. Additionally, it gains the distinction of being the only safety net hospital in the state to deploy this cutting-edge disinfection technology. It is of note that the donated system will be deployed across key departments within the hospital including the Emergency Department, Pharmacy, ICU, and OR units, following a rigorous training process for the hospital’s staff to ensure optimal utilization.

Surfacide’s generous donation comes at a time when St. Bernard Hospital is making significant strides in its commitment to patient safety. It is noteworthy to mention that the hospital has made commendable progress by improving its patient safety rating from ‘F’ to ‘A’ according to the Leapfrog Hospital Grades Survey within the last three years. The hospital, given its dedication to maintaining high standards in patient safety, has been applauded by Surfacide Founder and CEO, Gunner Lyslo, who emphasized that all patients, irrespective of their economic circumstances, should receive the same level of safety and care.

Surfacide, an American company, established in 2010, has left an indelible imprint in the infection prevention industry by producing scientifically proven, hospital-grade UV devices that are trusted partners in over 1000 leading hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. In this critical era of continued threats of infection, it’s promising to see institutions like St. Bernard Hospital and Surfacide working in collaboration to uphold the health and safety of patients.


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