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How to Gain Influence and Respect as an Infection Preventionist – Marko Predic

In a recent interview facilitated by Jacob Hutcherson, the CEO and Founder of Clutch Recruitment, the leading recruiting firm in Infection Prevention, Marko Predic, the Division AVP of Infection Prevention at HCA Capital Division, sheds light on the importance of cultivating influence and nurturing partnerships across different departments in a healthcare facility.

Predic shares his perspective, stating, “And I think a great thing to realize at that point is, do you have that influence? So for those individuals who have realized, hey, I may not have the influence I want, that’s a great first step.” His words resonate with the essence of self-awareness as the first step towards establishing a constructive presence within the organization.

He then delves into the strategy of seeking partnerships proactively, especially with those one may perceive as challenging to get along with. His advice to approach various departments, like nursing, radiology, or the C-suite, with an offer of partnership embodies a proactive and collaborative approach to relationship-building.

His narrative underscores the value of starting small, addressing immediate issues within one’s sphere, and gradually extending help across departments. As Predic highlights, the consistent act of offering help, sharing resources, and solving problems together paves the way for one’s name to come up in conversations, gradually earning a seat at the table.

The crux of Predic’s message lies in the power of incremental relationship-building, which, although might not yield immediate results, lays a solid foundation for long-term influence and partnership. This approach not only helps in resolving immediate issues but also fosters a culture of collaboration, paving the way for infection preventionists to have a broader impact within the organization.

Predic’s insights serve as a valuable roadmap for infection prevention professionals, illustrating how cultivating relationships and collaborating across departments is a sustainable strategy for garnering influence and promoting a culture of shared responsibility towards infection prevention. Through his experiences, Predic highlights the essence of interpersonal skills and proactive outreach in carving a significant and impactful role within the complex healthcare ecosystem.

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