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From Manager to AVP: Journey in Infection Prevention During COVID-19 Times – Chaz Rhone

Amidst the complex landscape of infection prevention, leaders often find themselves at the helm, navigating through uncharted territories. In a compelling conversation hosted by Jacob Hutcherson, the founder and CEO of Clutch Recruitment, Chaz Rhone, the AVP of Infection Prevention with HCA North Florida Division, delves into the intricacies of his evolving roles, particularly against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rhone initially outlines his managerial function, which was instrumental in onboarding new infection preventionists, ensuring that facilities devoid of IPs received requisite support. The focus was also on alleviating the surveillance burden off the facility IPs, enabling them to engage more proactively on the ground.

A significant aspect of Rhone’s role was to bridge the communication between local IP leaders and facility leadership, fostering a synergistic understanding and alignment of goals. This liaison role was vital in ensuring a unified approach towards infection prevention objectives at both company and division levels.

However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a paradigm shift in Rhone’s role. He found himself thrust into the vortex of crisis management, filling IP vacancies, and ensuring that infection prevention protocols were robustly maintained amidst an escalating health crisis. The pandemic underscored the necessity of adaptive strategies, as Rhone transitioned into a role that required him to lead from the front, addressing real-time challenges like PPE shortages, staff sickness, and evolving infection control guidelines.

Reflecting on the pre-COVID era, Rhone reminisces about his efforts centered around building a robust infrastructure for IPs across the division. The pandemic momentarily diverted these endeavors into a support mode, addressing the immediate exigencies posed by COVID-19.

Now, with the pandemic’s intensity waning, Rhone eyes an opportunity to revisit and reinforce the infrastructure, standardization, and back-to-basics approach in infection prevention. His focus is keen on aligning all facilities around best practices in IP, ensuring IPs feel valued, and devising strategies for retaining and attracting IPs to the organization.

Rhone’s narrative also underscores the essence of staying connected with local IPs, fostering a culture of continuous engagement and support. His monthly or bi-weekly one-on-ones with every IP leader in the division reflect a leadership ethos that prioritizes understanding and addressing the needs of the IPs, echoing a consultative, coaching, and mentorship-driven approach that he had embraced during his tenure at the Department of Health.

This insightful dialogue unveils the multifaceted journey of Chaz Rhone, reflecting the resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment required to steer through the dynamic realm of infection prevention. Through the ebbs and flows, Rhone’s narrative epitomizes a leadership narrative that is not only responsive to the present challenges but is also visionary in laying down a robust foundation for the future.

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