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From Local Expert in Infection Prevention to National Authority – Chad Neilsen

In a captivating interview hosted by Jacob Hutcherson, the esteemed Founder and CEO of Clutch Recruitment, the beacon in Infection Prevention and Control recruitment, Chad Neilsen, MPH, CIC, FAPIC, unfolds his journey from a local infection control director to becoming a recognized face on national television during infectious disease outbreaks. The discussion, aired on, reveals how Neilsen’s proactive engagement with media, coupled with his organization’s endorsement, positioned him as a reliable source of information during critical times.

Neilsen reminisces about his early days at UF Health Jacksonville back in 2015 when the institution was grappling with infection prevention challenges. The desire to highlight positive strides in infection control led to internal publicity initiatives featuring Neilsen, which inadvertently laid the foundation for his media engagement journey. The Ebola pandemic marked his debut into external media interactions, where he offered insights on local preparations to combat the outbreak.

However, it was the advent of COVID-19 that significantly amplified media requests, propelling Neilsen into a more prominent public role. Encouraged by the then CEO, Dr. Leon Haley, and driven by UF Health Jacksonville’s aspiration to project expertise within the community, Neilsen steadily became the go-to person for media inquiries on COVID-19, first locally, then state-wide, and eventually on a national scale.

Neilsen’s candid account reveals a progression marked by growing comfort and expertise in handling media interactions. His knack for delivering concise, clear, and calm responses on camera, honed over numerous interviews, elevated his status as a trusted voice amidst the cacophony of misinformation. The trajectory from local to national recognition elucidates the interconnected media landscape, where one’s message can traverse from a local station to a broader network, reaching audiences far beyond initial expectations.

The essence of Neilsen’s narrative underscores a dedicated effort to disseminate accurate information, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to community well-being. His experience underscores the potential for healthcare professionals to transcend traditional roles, leveraging media platforms to educate and reassure the public during health crises.

In summary, Chad Neilsen’s dialogue with Jacob Hutcherson unveils a compelling story of professional evolution spurred by pressing global health challenges. His tale underpins the power of media engagement in amplifying accurate information, fostering a sense of trust and understanding among the public during unsettling times. Through Neilsen’s lens, we glimpse the profound impact a committed individual can have in shaping public discourse, especially when navigated with authenticity and a genuine desire to serve the community.

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