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Expanding Infection Prevention: AeroClave and Hunter Apparatus Join Forces to Create a Healthier Environment

AeroClave, a leader in sanitization technology, has announced a rewarding partnership with Hunter Apparatus, an esteemed distributor of emergency vehicles. This alliance sets out to serve professional county and municipal fire, rescue, as well as EMS agencies in addition to hospitals, private transportation companies, volunteer organizations, and industrial fire departments across Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. This rewarding collaboration signifies the enlargement of AeroClave’s Channel Partner Program and is reflective of the increasing demand for high-quality, medical-grade sanitization products. Welcoming Hunter Apparatus to the distributor community, AeroClave is excited about the impact the partnership will have on various East Coast communities.

AeroClave’s technology employs an EPA-approved disinfectant and a proprietary cleaning process, which can be deployed in virtually any locale, from offices, church interiors, classrooms, to airplane cabins, and more. It takes under 30 minutes to sanitize a space of up to 5,000 cubic feet, making it an effective solution for robust cleansing. Hunter Apparatus strengthens its joint efforts with AeroClave by reaching out to customers who have a critical need for comprehensive decontamination technology and supplies. Given their standing in the emergency response auto industry, their partnership with AeroClave appears to be a natural fit. Moreover, Hunter Apparatus’s far-reaching network across the East Coast will ensure necessary infection prevention tools reach first responders. In the wake of a global pandemic, first responders, emergency rooms, firehouses, and their staff have gained a heightened awareness of the health risks in their environment and the crucial role of tools and technology in mitigating them.

AeroClave’s Channel Partner Program aims to enable businesses across the nation to either resell or refer AeroClave’s industry-grade cleaning solutions. Partners receive resources including initial deal registration, competitive margins, free training, MDF and SPIFFs, a partner locator, and leads, through the AeroClave Channel Partner Program platform, all contributing to successful channel partnerships. Hunter Apparatus takes pride in providing customers with knowledge about available resources by partnering with industry leaders. This partnership with AeroClave, therefore, is perfectly aligned with Hunter Apparatus’s mission and enables them to have a greater impact within the emergency response community by providing access to necessary decontamination equipment.


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