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Elevating Sepsis Control: CDC Launches Webinar Series on Hospital Sepsis Program Core Elements

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently initiated an instructive five-part webinar series committed to boosting sepsis management in healthcare settings. This series is primarily focused on the Hospital Sepsis Program Core Elements and aims to provide valuable guidance to clinicians, hospitals, and health systems on how to implement, monitor, and optimize their sepsis programs for improved patient outcomes.

This move is a testament to the CDC’s commitment in the fight against sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition which poses a significant challenge to healthcare providers worldwide. The payoff of implementing a strategic and robust sepsis management program is far-reaching and could result in a substantial decrease in mortality and associated costs in the healthcare sector.

Developed in conjunction with Project Firstline and the American Medical Association, the webinar series distills years of collective experience into tangible strategies and best practices. The sessions are richly layered with real-life examples to scaffold learning, providing an opportunity for participants to engage with the lessons in a practical way.

Notably, it is an educational resource that also offers continuing education credits to participants. This underlines the series’ dual role; not only does it provide a comprehensive guide to sepsis program implementation and monitoring, but it also serves as an avenue for healthcare professionals to fulfill their ongoing professional development requirements.


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