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Chicago Faucets Introduces CF Connect App for Simplified Water Management and Infection Prevention

Chicago Faucets has announced the launch of the CF Connect app for their popular HyTronic and HyTronic for Patient Care touchless faucets. The app, which was unveiled at the American Society of Healthcare Engineering ASHE 2023 conference, aims to simplify water management and infection prevention in hospitals and large commercial buildings.

The CF Connect app is designed to allow operators of healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, schools, and public facilities to easily implement protocols that have been shown to minimize the spread of infections through water systems. It offers facilities and maintenance managers a simple and intuitive way to operate and configure the faucet end devices.

With the CF Connect app, users can access preset HyTronic faucet settings, download usage logs via email, and make adjustments for hygiene flush, detection distance, run-on time, safety shut-off time, and service mode. The app also provides advanced capabilities for updating firmware, accessing key activities, and quickly accessing settings on the CF Connect home screen.

One of the key features of the CF Connect app is its ability to help manage infection prevention protocols in accordance with water management plans. For users of the HyTronic Patient Care faucets, the app allows for the management of flushing and identification of crucial faucets. This is crucial for minimizing the growth of waterborne pathogens and Legionella in the water system. The app provides the capability to reduce stagnant water conditions through the flush mode, allowing facilities managers to tailor flushing parameters in high-risk areas such as emergency departments, burn units, and intensive care units.

Facilities managers can choose from use-based, interval-based, and volume-based flushing options. The app also allows for pipe flushing for longer purges and remediation efforts. Additionally, the CF Connect app includes presettings for user detection, operation, and hygiene flush, which can be saved, named, and quickly applied to other faucets in a facility.

The app also offers various operating modes depending on the location and usage of the faucet, such as normal mode, scrub mode, metering mode, water-saving mode, handwash mode, and volume mode. Moreover, there is a cleaning mode that temporarily disables the sensor to allow for faucet cleaning without activation.

In addition to simplifying water management and infection prevention protocols, the CF Connect app also helps with maintenance tasks. Facilities managers can use the app to organize and simplify maintenance by easily locating and identifying faucets that need flushing or updates. The app also allows for the organization of faucets into groups based on specific areas and provides search options and access to usage data.

The HyTronic faucets, which are equipped with the CF Connect app, offer advanced features such as dual beam active infrared hand detection and various power options. They are available with AC, DC, or long-term power and backup power options. The faucets are made of heavy-duty cast brass with a polished chrome finish and are easy to install.

The CF Connect app is part of Chicago Faucets’ commitment to delivering exceptional products and outstanding customer service. The company, which is part of the Geberit Group, has over 120 years of industry expertise and is a trusted name in commercial plumbing fittings.

Overall, the CF Connect app is a major development in the field of water management and infection prevention. By providing a user-friendly and intuitive solution, it empowers facilities managers to implement effective protocols and maintain a clean and safe environment in hospitals and large commercial buildings.


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