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Advice on Being the First Non-RN Infection Preventionist at Your Hospital – Kate Maguire

In a candid conversation with Jacob Hutcherson, CEO and Founder of Clutch Recruitment, Kate Maguire, the Director of Infection Prevention at Marshfield Clinic Health System, shares her initial experiences stepping into a role previously held by a well-entrenched individual. Kate emphasizes the importance of building relationships through visibility and open communication, even as she navigated the challenges posed by transitioning from paper-based to more modern processes in surveillance.

Kate’s journey underscores the essential balance between harnessing existing knowledge, like her strong foundation in microbiology and public health, and being open to learning and adapting to established processes within the facility. Her practice of daily walking rounds not only facilitated better understanding but also helped in building trust among her colleagues, a crucial element in succeeding in her role.

Her narrative showcases a blend of humility, continuous learning, and the importance of interpersonal relationships in effectively transitioning into and excelling in a role with significant community and organizational legacy. Through this interview with Jacob Hutcherson, Kate’s experience provides insights into the soft skills crucial for navigating the complex landscape of infection prevention, especially in a setting resistant to change due to long-standing practices and community ties.

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