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Addressing Infection Risks: The Salem Hospital’s Response to Potential HIV and Hepatitis Exposure

Coming under the spotlight recently, Salem Hospital in Massachusetts has issued an alert to its endoscopy patients, notifying them of potential exposure to HIV and hepatitis due to the improper administration of intravenous (IV) injections, as reported by Fox affiliate Boston 25 on Nov. 15. The patients potentially affected by this health hazard spans a wide count of approximately 450. The exposure period stretches over a duration of two years, signalling a significant potential risk of transmission of HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

According to statements made by Salem Hospital to Boston 25, although the extent of potential exposure is large, the actual likelihood of infection remains incredibly slight. Providing further reassurance to its patients, the hospital stated that it has currently identified no instances of infection resulting from these circumstances. Responsive measures were promptly undertaken as soon as the issue was discovered. The improper practice was immediately rectified, with the hospital’s quality and infection control teams being notified of the issue, which was outlined in a statement issued by the hospital to Boston 25 through its parent organization, Mass General Brigham, based in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Going one step further in its efforts to assuage patient concerns and manage the issue at hand, Salem Hospital is also offering a dedicated clinician hotline and complimentary screenings for patients who could potentially be affected.


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