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A Battle Awakened: Infection Prevention and the Devastating Toll of Delayed Intervention

Immerse yourself in the gripping experience of Don Smith, who recounts the shocking moment when he found himself in an intensive care unit (ICU) after waking up from a medically induced coma of 13 days. To him, it seemed as though merely a day had passed since the time he was admitted to the emergency room. The instigating concern? An unbearable pain in his foot.

Smith’s transition from distress to the brink of oblivion began when he reported to the emergency room, plagued with an agonizing foot pain. In the ICU, he was met with the comforting presence of his wife and daughter by his bedside who bore the daunting responsibility of revealing his hitherto unknown fate.

His wife painstakingly began to illuminate the extent of Smith’s medical journey which involved invasive surgery, the forced coma, and his eventual reliance on a ventilator. In hindsight, the throbbing discomfort in his foot had been a grim harbinger of an impending medical storm that was extensively raging through his body.

This story underscores the essential importance of timely medical investigations and infection prevention. Smith’s ordeal demonstrates the dire consequences that could arise from seemingly minor symptoms if left unchecked. It also emphasizes the vital role that infection prevention professionals play in detecting early warning signs and administering the right intervention to prevent such life-threatening complications.


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